El palau dels xiquets – proposal


Adventure Time Falla Monument


Fallas is a traditional celebration in the city of Valencia, Spain. During five days, the streets of the city are full of thematic monuments made of cardboard, wood, fabric and other materials.

The monuments are competing to win the first prize of their section. Sections which are divided depending on the economic cost of the sculpture.

We took active part during the Fallas in last March, making the design of three of these monuments. This one in particular was a tribute to the cartoon series “Adventure Time” and was erected in the streets of Baron de Patraix and Cuenca, in the city of Valencia, and the artist who sculpted and painted was Jose Luis Platero.




And, it is on the night of March 19, when all these ephemeral sculptures are burned as a symbol of renewal and beginning of next season.
In addition, the characters of the fallas, known as “ninots”, also compete to be saved from the flames.
This falla was awarded as the best in its section and the figure of the Bubblegum Princess, Lady Rainicorn and Peppermint Butler, were awarded as the best ninots of their section.


Amigami Stickers para Mattel



The Maufia-100grados fanzine



Kat Stickers for Indoona

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Miaou Cat Shop Logo


Entre tus brazos


El Palau dels xiquets – 2015

Trabajo hecho para la agencia de publicidad Publips.
Campaña promocional de “El Palau dels Xiquets”,
programa musical infantil de El Palau del la Música de Valencia (España).
Temporada 2014/2015.

El palau dels xiquets_poster 2014/2015

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Kawaii Dancing Baby Groot

kawaii GrootCuando salimos del cine después de ver “Los Guardianes de la Galaxia”
no podíamos parar de repetir “Somos Groot!”.
Así que quisimos rendirle un pequeño homenaje al que, posiblemente,
sea el personaje más adorable de Marvel.





kawaii groot





kawaii Groot

Zolent app stickers

zolent_stickers_blue_bird_squidandpigTrabajo realizado para la aplicación Zolent. Aplicación que pronto verá la luz
y de la que pronto mostraremos más proyectos relacionados con ella ;)
Diseño de personaje de su mascota en estilo kawaii y desarrollo del mismo en
10 stickers para su uso en mensajería instantánea.

stickers_02 stickers_03 stickers_04 stickers_05